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Ecodesign Stoves installed

Ecodesign Regulations apply from 1st January 2022. However, we fit compliant Ecodesign wood burning and solid fuel ecodesign stoves now. Contact us for more details and for an appointment. Greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions mean you save money and help the environment.

The introduction of these new efficiency and emission limits go a long way to supporting the government’s environmental strategy of improving the way in which solid fuel stoves appliances perform under everyday use in terms of their overall efficiency and emission level performance.

HETAS ecodesign compliant stoves fitted installed in Reading Berkshire

What is Ecodesign?

The British Government has environmental policies and wants to promote the use of cleaner-burning solid fuels, appliances and operation techniques through its Clean Air Strategy. This is to reduce the negative impacts of solid fuel appliance use on the UK’s air quality and the public’s respiratory health.

There are new Ecodesign Regulations that solid fuel stove room heater appliances need to meet by the 1st January 2022.

In simple terms, the Ecodesign Regulations set new minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission requirements for solid fuel burning roomheater stoves, roomheater stoves with boilers and cooker appliances. Therefore, only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new Ecodesign limits will be able to be sold and installed legally within the UK.

The Ecodesign emission limits include those for Particulate Matter (PM), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

We fit wood burning stoves ecodesign compliant now.

What are the current efficiency and emission requirements for solid fuel appliances?

Currently solid fuel stove appliances made for sale on the UK market are required to meet minimum gross efficiency limits of 65%, when operated at the appliances nominal heat output, as prescribed within the current UK Building Regulation requirements. This is to ensure that any new or replacement solid fuel appliance installation does not significantly reduce the property’s overall energy usage and performance. However, where pellet stoves room heater appliances are concerned, this efficiency limit is increased to 70%. This is, in most cases, due to the higher levels of controllability associated with pellet burning appliances.

The only emission performance limits for appliances are prescribed with the Construction Products Regulations, which currently stipulate a maximum emission limit for CO at 12,500mg/m3. Current manufacturing standards do not at present stipulate a maximum emission requirement for PM, OGC’s or NOx.

So what will change after 1st January 2022 for Ecodesign stoves?

After 1st January 2022, all solid fuel burning stoves room heater appliances will be required to have been independently tested to show that they meet the seasonal efficiency and four emission limit provisions as laid down within the UK Ecodesign regulations. This will include a dramatic reduction in the CO minimum emission limit, in addition to other new prescribed limits. Please see the HETAS website for more details.

Will existing stove installations be affected?

No. The new Ecodesign regulations only cover those newly produced stoves and room heater appliances that are made available for sale on the UK market after 2022. There are, however, also stipulations for the stove installer to ensure that newly installed and commissioned stove appliances after the implementation date have been independently tested and verified as meeting the new provisions within Ecodesign legislation.

Those appliances that meet all current and future UK performance requirements can be accessed in the HETAS guide, or by using the search facility on the HETAS website at We can source and install any of these stove applicances in and around the Reading area of Berkshire

Ecodesign Compliant Stove Search

The HETAS website has a useful search function for stoves, boilers, cookers, biomass appliances and chimney/flue systems.

Click here to use the HETAS interactive appliance search.

Install a new ecodesign wood buring solid fuel stove Reading Berkshire